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Nuova Saimar S.R.S.®

Nuova Saimar S.r.l. progetta, realizza e vende l’S.R.S.® (Sludge Recovery System), basato sul metodo C.O.W. (Crude Oil Washing).

Jet Washers description

This technological advanced rotating nozzle is the core of the S.R.S.® technology: installed on the tank roof in place of the supports guides, it crumbles the sludge and dissolve the hydrocarbons.

Jet Washers overview

Three combined factors allow hydrocarbon to get separated from sludge:

  • a Mechanical Action, given by the 5/6 bar oil jet of the JW hoses, that have a diameter of one inch;
  • a Chemical Action, given by the lower specific weight;
  • a Physical Action, given by the oil heating, that reduces viscosity

Jet Washers: how nozzles moves

New Jet Washers NS.700 combine axial with an orbital rotation.

The whole 45-105 degree orbital rotation is reached after 25 axial rotation, and the speed can be adjusted according to sludge features.

Results at the end of S.R.S.® operations

September 2011: this video was shot at the end of S.R.S.® fluidization process and before final manual cleaning.

Results at the end of S.R.S.® operations

July 2007: this video was shot at the end of fluidization  with S.R.S.®. In the tank, only mud, sand and rust remain.
The S.R.S.® recovers more than the 95% of the hydrocarbon contained in the sludge, that is returned to the client together with the fresh oil used to fluidize it.
The subsequent hot-water washing cycle leaves only small residue, which average composition is 1/3 inert, 1/3 water, 1/3 solid hydrocarbon, and be easily disposed. No other system gives a better recovery, and a minor quantities of waste material. This means significant saving in terms of oil recovered and avoided disposal costs.

At the end of S.R.S.® operations, man-holes are opened for ventilation and workers can safely enter the tank for final removal.
This system eliminates Health and Safety risks for operators who can enter the tank when the internal atmosphere is neither flammable nor hazardous.

S.R.S.® assembly and operations

Nuova Saimar S.r.l. designs, manufactures and sells the S.R.S.® (Sludge Recovery System),  an automated, mobile and modular, non-manned oil tank cleaning system, based on the C.O.W. method.
A distinctive feature of S.R.S. is a closed-loop cleaning system, which heavily reduces the impact of tank the cleaning action on the environment, and provides a recovery of almost 100% of the original hydrocarbon.
This technology maximizes the safety and the cost effectiveness of tank cleaning process.

ATEX Robot JOX-I for inert removal

For a no-man entry inert removal, Nuova Saimar has designed the JOX-I, a remotely-controlled robot equipped with a lighting system and a camera.
The camera installed on the robot allows the operator to control and manage the work from the outside.
Combining S.R.S.® and JOX-I, Nuova Saimar offers its clients the BEST AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGIES on the industrial reclamation market, in terms of reliability – safety – healthcare – protection of the environment.

Cutting a door on the tank shell with a high-pressure pump

Cold Cutting technology uses ultra-high pressure (up to 2.500 bar) water jet for cutting storage tank floors, roofs, and side shells. Easy programming, cost-efficient operations, and the possibility to work on nearly all kinds of materials from a few tenths of a millimeter up to 250 mm of thickness, with an extreme precision level, made it an essential element of Nuova Saimar technical equipment.

Cold Cutting with a high-pressure pump

We suggest our Client use cold cutting technologies in the following applications:

  • storage tank shell cut, as the operation does not generate mechanical and thermal strain and does not create hazardous sparks;
  • tank and equipment cut, as it grants an extreme level of accuracy and complexity;
  • reinforced concrete frameworks demolition – where is particularly recommended –  due to the lack of vibrations