Integrated Management System: Certifications


The Quality Management System of Nuova Saimar has been assesed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 by SGS ITALIA SPA: “Design and execution of industrial cleaning services and decontamination of polluted areas, transport of waste, industrial chemical cleaning, immediate environmental response. Investigation and remediation of polluted areas, direct waste brokerage and sale


The Environmental Management System of Nuova Saimar has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 14001 / UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 by SGS ITALIA SPA: “Design and execution of industrial cleaning services and decontamination of polluted areas, transport of waste (special hazardous and non-hazardous). Industrial chemical cleaning, immediate environmental response, investigation and remediation of polluted areas. Direct waste brokerage and sale.”

Corporate Responsability

ISO 45001 is the new ISO standard for occupational health and safety (OH&S).

ISO 45001 concentrates on the interaction between an organization and its business environment while OHSAS 18001 was focused on managing OH&S hazards and other internal issues. It represents a significant shift in the way health and safety management is perceived. OH&S is no longer treated as a “stand-alone”, but must be viewed within the perspective of running a sound and sustainable organization.

Nuova Saimar has been successfully certified on March 2021

Tender Qualification

Certification no. 14319AL/11/00 dated 02/09/2014 for the execution of public works by PROTOS SOA S.p.A., for the following categories:

  • OG12 – classification V – environmental protection and reclamation activities
  • OS22 – classification I –  water purification plants
  • OS23 – classification III – demolitions

Environmental Operator

Registered at  Italian Register of Environmental Operators

  • Cat. 4, Class E – Non-hazardous waste collection and transport
  • Cat. 5, Class F – Hazardous waste collection and transport
  • Cat. 8, Class E –  Trade and brokering of hazardous and non-hazardous waste without detention
  • Cat. 9, Class D – Sites reclamations
  • Cat. 10A and 10B, Class D – Reclamation of soils polluted with asbestos

Integrated Management System Policy

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

In line with the corporate guidelines aimed at achieving an effective and efficient organization capable of satisfying all customer needs, the management of Nuova Saimar promotes the protection of the environment, the health and safety of its employees and workers.
The protection of these primary values is innate in Nuova Saimar’s corporate culture and therefore represents an important commitment in all its activities, and is expressed through the adoption and maintenance of an Integrated Quality, Safety and Environment Management System which is able to:

  • Fully satisfy the customer’s expectations in order to always be present on the market, without however compromising on the protection of the environment and the health and safety of workers;
    Ensuring the correct management of risks through the preventive assessment and definition of the tools and strategies suitable for preventing and minimizing unforeseen events;
    Prevent non-conformities, whether they are related to Quality, the Environment, or Safety, and not cancel them after the event;
    Respect the laws in force, in particular, those relating to environmental protection, safety, and health of workers, as well as subscribed voluntary rules and contractual commitments;
    Plan the continuous improvement of the Quality, Environment and Safety objectives;
    Create management whose aim is to reduce the impact on the environment given by its products and services;
    Enhance human resources through professional growth paths and participation in company objectives with a view to equal opportunities and the promotion of diversity;
    Condemn unacceptable practices, harmful for the dignity of the person and/or discriminatory;
    Satisfy the legitimate expectations of internal and external interlocutors, through the correctness and transparency of the management systems.

In compliance with these principles, Nuova Saimar implements continuous improvement programs based on the following guidelines:

  • Guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of its plants and services, with a view to continuous improvement, to meet the explicit and implicit expectations of its customers and the criteria of environmental protection, safety, and health of workers, through the assignment of tasks, responsibilities and procedural working methods;
  • Guarantee the best delivery and processing times in agreement with the customers even when there are deviations from the deliveries estimated in the offer phase;
  • Guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of its own processes and/or entrusted to third parties in compliance with the contractual agreements defined with customers, their own quality standards, current regulations, and company standards in terms of health and safety and environmental protection, through the implementation of specific control/monitoring plans and asking suppliers to align with the same standards required of Nuova Saimar by its customers;
  • Raising the level and quality of the standards of its products and services, also referring to the most qualified competition existing on the market (benchmarking) and entering into partnerships with them for participation in tenders;
  • Prevent accidents and occupational diseases, promote and implement any initiative by Nuova Saimar or the customer aimed at minimizing the risks and removing the causes that could jeopardize the safety and health of its personnel and other workers on-site, applying the best available and economically viable technologies;
  • Limit the exposure of workers to specific risks such as exposure to toxic, carcinogenic substances, noise, etc. planning the work on-site with individual and collective prevention and protection measures, implementing periodic and specific training and awareness programs, and providing for specific internal coordination meetings and with customers;
  • In compliance with the ethical and moral principles on which the company’s will is based, the management firmly declares the fight against the use of drugs and alcohol by the staff. Therefore, the use of alcohol and the use and possession of drugs, as required by applicable legislation, is absolutely prohibited and causes immediate disciplinary measures;
  • Promote sustainable development in the environmental field, through attention and a continuous commitment to improve the performance of its plants and services through the reduction of emissions into the air, water, and soil, based on the technical specifications of the customers, a responsible and conscious use of natural resources, prevention and reduction of the production and dangerousness of waste, as well as the correct management of operations related to the same, an advance assessment of the environmental and safety impacts of any new activities, processes, and products;
  • Develop a relationship of constructive collaboration, based on maximum transparency and trust, both internally and with the customer, the external community, and the institutions in the management of environmental, health, and safety issues;
  • Maintain high-performance indices in terms of quality, health, safety, and the environment, through the implementation of effective management systems and monitoring systems;
  • Supervise in order to avoid any unsafe behavior until the adoption, for its employees, of immediate disciplinary measures and the removal of subcontracted companies from the construction site;
  • Promote the corporate image through its employees and their way of relating and dealing with the customer;
  • Obtain the maximum involvement and awareness of its staff on the issues of Quality, Health, Safety, and the Environment;
  • Analyzing customer satisfaction and placing oneself more and more in line with their expectations through the analysis of customer satisfaction and their advice and suggestions;
  • Extend its territoriality of action beyond the Italian borders to foreign markets, developing commercial promotion through partnerships with local representatives and participation in national and international fairs;
  • Increase the skills acquired in order to be able to provide services that are increasingly attentive to the safety and health of workers (tank remediation with no-entry technology) and environmental protection (waste reduction through technical recovery and return to the Customer) and control of emissions into the environment;
  • Adopt a code of good conduct with a view to social responsibility and business ethics whose compliance is guaranteed through the tools of the Integrated Management System;
  • Adopt the provisions of the National Collective Labor Agreement regarding the management of protected categories, child labor, working hours, remuneration, trade union rights.

Nuova Saimar, in the awareness that the active contribution of all its staff is crucial to achieving the above objectives, will develop a continuous work of information, awareness, and targeted training.
Nuova Saimar promotes the dissemination of the integrated policy among its staff, suppliers, and customers. This policy is also made available upon request to all potentially interested parties.
This policy will be the constant reference, in the context of periodic reviews, to evaluate the results achieved and to identify new ones in line with the corporate approach aimed at continuous improvement of process performances; the policy will be implemented and, if necessary, will be subject to documented updating.

Eng. Gianfranco LUCCHI


Date: 02/05/2018

Nuova Saimar srl has always firmly believed in spreading the culture of safety at work.

By operating daily in hazardous conditions, training and professional updating courses are essential for all of our workforce.

In full compliance with national legislation, Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments, and of specific one of our sector, D.P.R. 177/11, the work teams that intervene in the so-called “confined spaces” are always formed in order to guarantee maximum safety for the operators, and are equipped with the best recovery equipment and cutting edge instruments for environmental monitoring.

We periodically perform emergency intervention simulations, relying mainly  on qualified training bodies, or independently, in collaboration with customers.

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