Asbestos Removal and Decontamination

Since the issue of the Laws regulating asbestos removal operations (Decreto Legislativo n° 277 dated 15/08/91), Nuova Saimar has been carryng out such operations in full compliance with such the rules, and has received the full approval of controlling Authorities and full satisfaction from Clients.

Nuova Saimar s.r.l. is member of the Italian Register of Environmental Operators (Albo Gestori Ambientali), for the remediation of asbestos-contaminated materials, and precisely for Category 10B  involving the remediation of the following materials containing asbestos: friction materials, insulating materials (panels, pans, papers and cardboards, textiles, sprayed materials, stucco, enamels, bitumens, adhesives, seals and other insulating materials), pressure containers, end-of life equipment and other inchoerent materials containing asbestos.

We are equipped with all the necessary equipment and tools and we perform in-house environmental monitoring.

Our Services:

  • preliminary Site Inspections and Sample Collection to determine the presence of Asbestos;
  • removal of Cement Asbestos, after incapsulation
  • removal of roof covers made out of Cement Asbestos (Eternit), including cover replacement
  • removal of Fibrous Asbestos using different approved removal techniques (confined space, glove bag, etc.)

In accordance to current regulations

Our engineers, project managers and workers are authorized to asbestos removal activities  according to the Italian Law  n° 257 dated 25/07/2006.