Industrial Plants Reclamation

Recently enriched with highly qualified professionals, technologies and equipment, this branch, together with the Industrial Maintenance branch, represents our historical core business, that enabled Nuova Saimar to gain the fame of Guaranteed Quality Supplier.

Together with tank cleaning, thanks to the experience of our personnel in the field of industrial plants, and thanks to advanced equipment, Nuova Saimar performs the cleaning of any type of plant, either buried or out of ground, so as to allow a new start up of the plant as if it were new.

Digesters Cleaning

Our experience, grown by working in severe environments, allows Nuova Saimar to perform the cleaning of digesters with no risk due to the presence of toxic gases (such as H2S) or explosive gases (such as methane) which are generated by organic compounds decomposition.

Worker’s safety is ensured thanks the most appropriate safety devices, proven and certified operation methods, and to the monitoring of operating conditions with instruments totally complying with periodic test controls.