Very often our Clients have to face problems such as how to requalify their environment, therefore Nuova Saimar has recently extended its activities to the branch of demolitions.

Thanks to our investments we can now perform demolitions of industrial plants and civil buildings.

We have both the knowlwdge and equipment to perform:

  • demolition of metal parts through hot cut, plasma cut, oxy-acetylenic or oxy-propanic cuts;
  • demolition of metal parts through cold cut, by hydraulic shearing machine, notching machine, 48V-core hole driller with magnetic column support, hydrodynamic cutting
  • demolition of concrete walls and buildings through mechanic escavator with hydraulic hammer or concrete pincher

The combination of our technologies of cleaning and demolition allow us to be one of the few service companies that can perform the demolition of equipment not yet cleaned, by cleaning and demolishing at the same time when safety conditions or the poor conservation state of the equipment do not allow preliminary cleaning.