Waste Disposal

In order to provide a full service to our Clients, we take care of collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste, when generated during our processing of raw materials, arranging as well all the legal and regulatory framework that relates to waste management

As waste management practices are not uniform among countries, we currently provide that service only in the Italian territory.

Nuova Saimar s.r.l. is member of the Italian Register of Environmental Operators (Albo Gestori Ambientali).

We are equipped with all the necessary instruments and tools for waste management: even environmental monitoring is made in-house.

We mainly deal with the following waste categories:

  • hydrocarbon sludges
  • oily waters deriving from cleaning acìtivities
  • exhaust solutions deriving from chemical cleanings
  • polluted soils
  • compact and fibrous asbestos
  • exhaust activated carbon

In addition, having a long time experience with demolition operations, we are used and provided with full authorizations for the following recoverable wastes:

  • Inerts coming from concrete building demolition
  • Metal and steel scraps
  • Wood materials
  • Plastic materials

Nuova Saimar is enrolled to the Italian Register of Environmental Operators held by the Ministry of environment and protection of land and sea.

  • Category 4 Class E: Collection and transport of non-hazardous special waste.
  • Category 5 Class F: Collection and transport of hazardous waste.
  • Category 8 Classe E: waste trade and brockerage, without phisical possession of the waste
  • Category 9 Class D: sites remediation
  • Category 10B Class D: remediation of asbestos-contaminated materials: friction materials, insulating materials (panels, pans, papers and cardboards, textiles, sprayed materials, stucco, enamels, bitumens, adhesives, seals and other insulating materials), pressure containers, end-of life equipment and other inchoerent materials containing asbestos.

Both land fill plants and carriers have been selected following a careful analysis of the official list given by the Authorities. The whole operation is followed step by step up to the end to ensure that everything is strictly complying with the law and with our internal certified procedures.