Industrial Maintenance

Since its origin, we have always dealt with maintenance of plants, to bring back to operation either plants or equipment, such as heat exchangers, columns, piping, etc., that have lost its operation capacity due to the presence of encrusted materials or residues.

Thanks to our wide experience, and to skilled personnel grown up together with the Company, we can offer turn key services of maintenance, from dismantling, equipment disassembly, maintenance, equipment re-assembly, to hydraulic test and return back on service.

Nuova Saimar offer to its clients renewing services of entire plants, from design to spare parts supply.


Disused Plants Recovery

Nuova Saimar is currently able to recover disused industrial plants through chemical and/or hydrodynamic cleaning, activating the operation of circuits and equipment that can be repaired.

Thanks to the contacts that we have with companies manufacturing pumps, heat exchangers, etc, we can renew entire plants offering services ranging from equipment design all the way to their supply and replacement.

Heat Exchanger Recovery

Thanks to the Company’s wide experience in the field of industrial plants, and to the presence of skilled personnel that has grown together with the Company, we can offer maintenance turn key services from dismantling, equipment opening, cleaning, parts replacements of shell, tube and plate heat exchangers.

The quality of our service is guaranted by test certificates recording heat-exchanger tightening torque final water tests.

1_ Hydraulic Leak Test

2. Dismantling Tube Bundle

3. Hydrodinamic Cleaning

4. Reparation

5. Sealing Strips Assembly

6. Reinstallation of Tube Bundle

7. Tightening

8. Hydraulic Pressure Test

9. Loading