Nuova Saimar eliminates plastic consumption in offices and working sites

In April 2021, the company decided to make drinking water cleaners available to its employees for the headquarters and working sites, ensuring continuous supply and donating to all employees customized aluminum bottles Nuova Saimar. With this gesture, we tried to raise awareness of the employees to greater environmental sustainability, and to guarantee continuous access to drinking water to site workers.

This article is part of Nuova Saimar’s contribution to Open-es, the new open digital platform dedicated to all companies involved in the energy transition.

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Open-es is the reference tool on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data for all companies that want to collaborate with Eni:

“Eni’s commitment to the energy transaction is strengthened with the release of the Open-es digital platform, designed together with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Google Cloud. The goal is to accompany supply chain actors on a path of awareness and growth on sustainability data, as well as encouraging the sharing of best practices through a collaborative approach” Read the full article