Tank Cleaning with S.R.S.® no-man entry system

The reclamation of a 120.000 m3 tank has been completed

August 2019

Another success at ENI North District site, in Italy, is added to the Nuova Saimar List of References

for the reclamation of big-size tanks with no-man entry method.

Nuova Saimar S.R.S.® [Sludge Recovery System] reported the impressive result of
97% recovered hydrocarbon and
13.300 m3 of processed sludge in just 69 days.

Tank Data

Capacity 120.000 m3  

Diameter 92 m.

Height 18 m.

Roof: floating

Product stored: crude oil

The results of the remediation

Sludge initial volume: 13.300 m3  

Sludge final volume: 335 m3

Recovered Product volume: 12.965 m

Percentage of oil recovered: 97%

Recovery rate: 188 m/ day 


Percentage of oil recovered


Recovery rate (m3 / day)